Why Kapooka Guide Was Created

I recently went to Kapooka or Blamey Barracks for basic military training, and I was frantically searching the web for what items I need to pack. There was no definitive list to help me do so.
During my recruit training at Kapooka, in consultation with my peers we have created this website to help future recruits of the Australian Army.
The army does supply a list for what to pack for Kapooka Army Training (Full Time page 18 & Reserves page 31). I would recommend taking everything on that list!
Items that need more description and additional items to the list are detailed below.

Items to Pack from the Official Kapooka List

100% necessary to take to Kapooka Army Base Training.

Coat Hangers

You are required to iron and neatly hang all cams and clothing. Sturdy wooden coat hangers aid in keeping things neat. Ensure they have a crossbar for hanging pants.

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As mentioned above, you need to iron all items of clothing. Ensure you have a reliable iron that heats up quickly. A good iron will be necessary for your military career.

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Stamped Envelopes

You can bring your envelopes stamped and addressed already, or you can buy them from the on base post office. Each accommodation lines have a mailbox so snail mail is ideal.

Running Shoes

Most PT sessions you will wear your own shoes, you will also get to wear them at periods to relieve your feet from military boots. So get a good comfortable pair that you are familiar with.

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A durable watch is a must. The Army must meet timings so getting a decent durable watch will be vital for your career. Any watch that will receive text messages will be confiscated, but I got away with my Garmin as it looked like a gshock.

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Padlock’s with keys

You will need to lock your cupboards, they WILL inspect them and lord help you if you forget to lock it. You need 3 padlocks. For your cupboards (2) and your trunk (1).

It is recommended that all locks have the same key. One key will be given to staff incase you lose your key. Losing keys does happen and its embarrassing, so give a spare key to a roommate.Buy Padlocks Now


All of your toiletries will be rolled up in a towel that you carry to the bathroom, you cannot use a toiletry bag. So pack simple toiletries. Soap dispensers are supplied in the showers.

– Normal toothbrush and paste

– One razor for each week is recommended as they get blunt quickly with everyday shaving. – Shaving cream – Small shampoo & conditioner bottle (you won’t get much time to shower 2-5min max). And with the short hair you will have, supplied soap will be adequate. Buy Now

Bobby Pins & Hair Nets (for females)

You must maintain your hair in a neat bun.Bring dozens of bobby pins and several hairnets as you and your friends will often lose them.

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Mobile Phone Necessities

You do not get much phone time, your phone is locked away in the staff offices. However the below items make phone time a bit easier.

Battery Pack – Your phone is locked away most of the time, therefore it’s not on charge. Having a battery pack ready for when you do get your phone will ensure there is always power to call your loved ones. Charging Cables and Wall Adaptor – Don’t forget these! Headphones – Phone time is done outside standing at attention only! Therefore it’s recommended to use headphones so that your hands are free.

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Additional Items to Pack for Kapooka

Not on the official list, but 100% necessary to take to Kapooka Training

Waterproof Bag

I would get 2. They will be very helpful to organise your pack in the field component of Kapooka. The place is notorious for rain and you want to keep your socks and undies dry!

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10x Black Pens

You will need a black pen for everything you do. You are always in class and writing. You will forever be losing pens or they will go through the wash. Buy a bulk pack and always carry 2. Help a mate out if they forget theirs.

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Other Stationery

Pocket Notebooks – You will be given some but they fill up quickly. I would recommend bringing a few spare.

Marker Pen – You need to write your name or initials on everything. Clothes, books, equipment. Small Pencil Case – I found it easier to grab a small pencil case every time we left the lines then putting individual items into my pockets. In my pencil case i had pens, spare paper, lip balm, etc. Buy Now

Baby Wipes / Wet Wipes

You will have occasions where you need to clean something, including yourself and baby wipes are the only saviour. Especially good for removing cam cream.

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Zip Lock Bags

Great for organising your desk draws and keeping things dry. I used zip lock bags to store phone cables in, badges, spare stationary. Especially handy when it’s a rainy day or your field component.

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A Book

Often there are times where you are sitting around waiting, or not doing much. It’s good to have a book to read and pass time. My roommates also read my book, we were often fighting over it.

Check out books!

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Nice to have Items for Kapooka

Nice to have items for Kapooka Army Base – Not 100% Necessary

General Admin Items

Lighter, very useful for burning threads off your clothing. – Electrical Tape (black) is good for tidying up straps on your webbing and pack. Also good for adhoc repairs or identifying kit that you cannot mark permanently.

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Field Items

– Occy Straps (x4) are very useful to pitch your hoochie up quickly, and down quickly too! – Tent Pegs (x4) will assist in holding your hoochie down.

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Coffee Cup

Coffee is a luxury! You will get the opportunity to grab a coffee at meal times. Make it in your keep cup and enjoy it throughout the day.

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Laundry/Washing Mesh Bags

Laundry with 50 people and only 5 machines can make things tricky. It is very handy to have a few mesh laundry bags to keep your items separate.

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Head Torch with Red Light

Perfect for when you need to get something at night and the lights are off. Also good for field phase, especially midnight toilet adventures.

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Large Suitcase

You will leave Kapooka training with some more items then you arrived with. So it’s good to have extra room. You may also want to buy souvenirs including framed action photos of your training, they are kickass photos

Do not bring to Kapooka Training

  • Medicine inc. Panadol
  • Knives
  • Lollies or gum
  • Laptop/tablet
  • Water bottles
  • Singlets

Additional Info About Kapooka & Blamey Barracks

Shops at Kapooka Army Base

There is two shops at Kapooka recruit training base, Frontline (AAFCANS) & the Post Office (MILPO). Both have similar items such as food/drink/snacks, stationary, toiletries, small gifts, etc. You get limited time to access them and prices are generally more expensive than a supermarket/department store. It is advised you plan ahead and pack for the 35 or 80 days you are at Kapooka.

Don’t overpack on civilian clothing

Shortly upon arriving at Kapooka your civilian bag will be unloaded and searched for contraband. From there any necessary items will be emptied out into your dorm cupboards. All unnecessary gear and civilian clothing (bar sleeping, bathroom, socks, shoes, and underwear) will be returned to your luggage and locked away in an adjacent building. For your duration at Kapooka, you wear military issued clothing.

If you are going to IET’s straight after Kapooka recruit training, (full-time soldiers) you may wish to pack a few neat civilian outfits. Ask your family to bring extra clothing to your march out parade if you don’t have enough room in your bag.

Put your name on everything

It’s very easy to get things mixed up in the rooms, laundry, bathroom etc. put your name or initials on everything!

Enjoy your time at Kapooka Army Training and good soldiering!

Additional Reading List – https://www.army.gov.au/army-life/army-careers/army-recruit-training-centre-kapooka

Kapooka Reserve Training Schedule Informationhttps://www.army.gov.au/our-life/training/soldier-training/part-time-soldier-training Kapooka Full Time Training Schedule – https://www.army.gov.au/our-life/training/soldier-training/full-time-soldier-training

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Contact us

If you have been to Kapooka and feel like there is something that we should have added or any of the above information needs correcting, please let us know! We want to make sure everyone is well prepared for their adventure.

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